Vibes — music

  • Vibes: Orchestra Baobab's "Pirate's Choice"

    Blinky: Currently loving Pirates Choice by Orchestra Baobab (Spotify link). Old-sounding men are one of my favourite things, lol.
    Standout track: my favourite track right now is Werente Serigne.

  • Vibes: PinkPantheress

    Dan: I came across Pink Pantheress in an ad for the TV show Atlanta... Now she's on all my playlists. Mbithi: Man! Been really feeling her music for the past year. Love that she's revisiting genres that I listened to when I was her age. Garage, house and all. Love the energy. Long live the rave (that I never went to, and only saw on TV). Also, some of her songs are too short!

  • Vibes: Magdalena Bay (and their songwriting livestreams)

    Dan: Magdalena Bay are a duo with a synth-heavy pop sound, and visuals that reference Windows ‘95 and ‘80s video aesthetics—so, a very 2020’s kind of band, but they do it so well!
  • Vibes: Worla (The Man and the God)

    Blinky: An album I'm really feeling right now is Worla (The Man and the God) by Worlasi and Senkulive. Standout tracks: Chant (I wish I made it 😂). Preek bangs, too!