Save My Soul (Who Will Remain?) - OUT NOW

Cover art for Save My Soul (Who Will Remain?)

Watu! Hawayuni? Allow us to resume with something like a prayer, because these are extraordinary times, and we’re grateful to be here, and grateful for your support.

Save My Soul (Who Will Remain?) is out now on Bandcamp, for the very special price of name-your-price to accommodate everyone’s current economic status 😅(thank you to so many of you who have continued buying our music directly over the years—Bandcamp is the first shop we were ever able to sell our music through, so it holds a special place in our heart. Direct support is amazingly useful to artists!). And have no fear, the song will also be popping up on Spotify and a host of other streaming platforms over the next few days—hold tight. 😄

Also, our 82 album is finally back on all platforms as well, and will be followed shortly by Winning in Life and the Boxing Day Specials as a whole bunch of you had requested. Thanks for waiting for us to get organised with those!

We want to give our home country Kenya a moment to make a big decision in the days to come, and then we’ll be back with another release slated for August—new music to celebrate the end of this July cold! To our Kenyan peeps, stay safe out there as our country decides. Vote wisely, and vote peacefully!

We’re planning a fun ride ahead, and we hope you’ll come along!

Dan, Blinky, Jim and Mbithi
Yaani Just a Band


  • I’m in the UK & have not long discovered your music. Am now already huge fan & look forward to hearing more great music from you in the future!

    Gervan Simon on

  • Greetings from Mexico! I’m glad you are back and looking forward to hearing you again : )

    Roman Lopez on

  • I am really glad you are all back together again. Thank for the music. There is something about you guys and your work that just feeds my soul.
    Stay safe and may your elections yield the will of the people. Long life and prosperity to Just A Band!

    Emmanuel on

  • Thank you guys for coming back to us. We missed ya’ll 🤎🤎🤎🤎

    Kakkoifly on

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