• Hey! from ech0 - OUT NOW

    Following the screening of the ech0 project to a lovely audience in Nairobi on February 18th, we're now happy to release the first of the ech0 sounds and pictures for everyone else. First up is Hey! from our 2008 debut album - Scratch to Reveal.

    WATU is out now on Bandcamp for for the very special price of name-your-price! We want to thank all of you who have shown us support and purchased Save My Soul (Who Will Remain?) and the rest of our discography. Your support means everything to us! WATU will be popping up on your favourite streaming platforms in a few days!
  • Save My Soul (Who Will Remain?) - OUT NOW

    Watu! Hawayuni? Allow us to resume with something like a prayer, because these are extraordinary times, and we’re grateful to be here, and grateful for your support. Save My Soul (Who Will Remain?) is out now.

  • Hello, People!

    Hello people!It's been a while.As our post a few months ago suggested, our hiatus is officially over and the four of us are back at work as Just A Band.Sorry it's taken a while to regroup! :)We each went out into the world and had a bunch of adventures, and we needed time to catch up on one another as humans and friends. So much has changed in this world since we last created together, and it's clear we are living in troubled times.Thank you all for your patience, and for all the woishe tweets, hints and pokes (even the...