Away from ech0

The first release from echo: dusk is Away - a haunted tune from the 2011 BLNRB collaborative album.

ech0: WATU

The rowdy fourth single from the ongoing echo project - pande hii, pande ile, one time!

ech0: Thank You/Rebel and a Cause

The third release from the ongoing ech0 project is out now.


  • Away from ech0 - OUT NOW

    The first release from echo: dusk is Away, originally performed in the 2011 collaborative album, "BLNRB: Welcome to the Madhouse". Sometimes you get to escape haunting memories, sometimes you remain trapped in a dance with them.
  • echo: dawn is available now

    echo: dawn is out now, wherever you get your music. The EP collates the first five songs from the ech0 project, including our newest single - Watasema.

    The fourth release from the ech0 project - WATU - is out now. Originally released last year as a single from our forthcoming projects, we were happy to discover that the song had more sonic avenues to explore...
  • Thank You/ Rebel and a Cause - OUT NOW

    The third release off the ech0 project is Thank You/Rebel and a Cause, revisited from our third studio album Sorry for the Delay (2012).
  • If I Could from ech0 - OUT NOW

    Jim literally steps into the spotlight for the second video off the echo project - If I Could, also revisited from the band's 2008 debut album, Scratch to Reveal. If I Could is out now on Bandcamp and wherever you get your music.
  • Hey! from ech0 - OUT NOW

    Following the screening of the ech0 project to a lovely audience in Nairobi on February 18th, we're now happy to release the first of the ech0 sounds and pictures for everyone else. First up is Hey! from our 2008 debut album - Scratch to Reveal.


  • Vibes: Reservation Dogs

    Mbithi: "We just borrow stardust until we die, and then we return it for something else to use." Reservation Dogs blends humour, satire and tragedy into a story of contemporary Indigenous American life.

  • Vibes: Orchestra Baobab's "Pirate's Choice"

    Blinky: Currently loving Pirates Choice by Orchestra Baobab (Spotify link). Old-sounding men are one of my favourite things, lol.
    Standout track: my favourite track right now is Werente Serigne.

  • Vibes: PinkPantheress

    Dan: I came across Pink Pantheress in an ad for the TV show Atlanta... Now she's on all my playlists. Mbithi: Man! Been really feeling her music for the past year. Love that she's revisiting genres that I listened to...

  • Vibes: Earl Sweatshirt in Conversation with Cheryl Harris

    Jim: I really enjoyed this very tender conversation on art, music and life between rapper Earl Sweatshirt and his mum, civil rights professor Cheryl Harris. Their relationship was quite turbulent back in 2011 when Odd Future were blowing up, and she decided to pull him out of the group...
  • Vibes: Station Eleven (Mini-series)

    Mbithi: Oh no, a show about a pandemic! Made before and during an actual pandemic!! You think you'd know what to expect, but Station Eleven surprised me with its humane and compassionate story about a bunch of people who are trying to survive and have found hope and life in art and stories..
  • Vibes: Magdalena Bay (and their songwriting livestreams)

    Dan: Magdalena Bay are a duo with a synth-heavy pop sound, and visuals that reference Windows ‘95 and ‘80s video aesthetics—so, a very 2020’s kind of band, but they do it so well!